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Adding a Little More LOVE to Your Life

You jump out of bed energized each morning. You juggle life with ease and always with a smile. Tasks are completed flawlessly and often ahead of schedule leading to a free and relaxing evening with your family each night. Yeah, me neither. Not after three kids in close succession, a mild soap-making obsession and the perpetual demands of my frenzy-fun family life.

Let’s face it. Most of us could use a little more pampering in our day. But who has the time for that? Using and gifting my udderly awesome handmade goat milk soaps is one small way I indulge myself and the ones I love. Maybe I drag out of bed a little these days and maybe I don’t have all the answers but I do have luxurious soap that’s healthy for my skin, affordable, and looks, feels and smells great.

udderLOVE soaps will not make weekends longer, coffee lines shorter or traffic lights greener. But they will add just a little more LOVE to your life so you can tackle your daily battles with bright eyes and bushy tails.


3 thoughts on “Adding a Little More LOVE to Your Life

  1. Way to go!

  2. Your loved ones are thankful for your soap-making obsession. And we’re looking forward to trying out your new products. You know, when you find the time. :o)

  3. ♥ it…keep up the good work!

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