BYOB: Build Your Own Bag or Basket

Until this page is complete please contact me with the information below.

***LOCAL PICKUP ONLY — There is no delivery available for gift bags and baskets at this time***

Step 1: Choose your size.

  • Gift bag: 2-4 items
  • Medium gift basket: 4-6 items
  • Large gift basket: 7-10 items

Step 2: Choose your items (soaps, bombs, soap decks, etc.).

  • Example (for small gift basket): Soap Deck, Lavender Clary Sage, Tough Love, Peppermint Avocado, Cherry Almond, Relax Bath Bomb

Step 3: Select bag color (for gift bags) or ribbon color (for gift baskets).

  • Gift bag color options (pick one per bag): white, ivory, red, green, pink
  • Gift basket ribbon color options (pick up to three per basket): white, black, ivory, red, green, pink, red hearts on white ribbon

Step 4: Name your occasion so we can match your gift tag.

  • Generic Spa, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Graduation, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Teacher Appreciation Day, Christmas, Happy Holidays (winter), Father’s Day, Wedding, Thank You, Get Well Soon, etc.

Gift bags and baskets are priced by totaling the prices of each item selected in Step 2 and are put together free of charge! Payment can be made in advance via PayPal invoice or in person at pickup.