Fish Friends Fizzle


calendula oil | peppermint essential oil blend | spirulina powder | shea butter

Kids’ bath bombs transform your child’s bath into a colorful, soothing and relaxing experience. Kids love dropping the bomb in the water, playing with the fizzle and finding their surprise. Fish Friends Fizzles contain one small ocean toy figurine (fish, shark, dolphin, eel, etc.).¬†CONTAINS A SMALL CHILD’S TOY – POTENTIAL CHOKING HAZARD

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locally-sourced | handmade | rubbish-free

udderLOVE products are lovingly handmade, hand designed, hand cut, and hand wrapped. Minor variations in final products make each item udderly unique.



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baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, Epsom salt, goat milk, calendula oil, shea butter, essential oils, spirulina powder, sprinkles,¬†CONTAINS A SMALL CHILD’S TOY – POTENTIAL CHOKING HAZARD