Café Mocha

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espresso | hazelnut oil | espresso grounds | chocolate and coffee fragrance | cocoa powder

If facing the day without your favorite caffeine fix is just too daunting to bear, let Café Mocha help wash some of the worry away. Made with nourishing hazelnut oil, eye-opening and skin-smoothing espresso, cleansing and exfoliating coffee grounds and packed with a delectable sweet coffee fragrance.

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locally-sourced | handmade | rubbish-free

udderLOVE products are lovingly handmade, hand designed, hand cut, and hand wrapped. Minor variations in final products make each item udderly unique.



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goat milk, olive oil, coconut oil, hazelnut oil, espresso, tallow, , lye, castor oil, ground espresso beans, cocoa powder, fragrance