Completely Coconut

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coconut oil | coconut fragrance | coconut cream | coconut flakes

Completely Coconut is made like no other soap in my boutique. I use 100% ultra-purifying coconut oil and boost the quantity added to perfectly balance the oil’s super-cleansing power. Accented with real coconut flake and scented with a tropical twist of coconut and vanilla, Completely Coconut will make each bath experience seem like summer on the beach.

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locally-sourced | handmade | rubbish-free

udderLOVE products are lovingly handmade, hand designed, hand cut, and hand wrapped. Minor variations in final products make each item udderly unique.


1 review for Completely Coconut

  1. Trish

    I never thought I could love a bar of soap as much as I love this one!! I was so excited to try this handmade soap , and it is certainly all I thought it would be!

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