The Udderlove Advantage


From ingredient selection and soap design to wrapping, packaging and delivery, Udderlove products are entirely handmade by me with love. All of my recipes are meticulously formulated and routinely tested with your most nourishing bath experience in mind.

Quality Ingredients

Udderlove soaps are made with locally-sourced, premium and all-natural ingredients obtained as close to home as possible including local, raw, unpasteurized goat milk, homemade tallow, and local raw honey. Only reputable suppliers are used to ensure the most ethical product available.

Goat Milk Soap is Better

Goat milk soaps contain a wealth of nutrients that help to replenish and revitalize the skin in many ways including managing pH levels, reducing inflammation, and fighting acne to name a few. Check out my blog for more information on the powerful benefits of switching to handmade goat milk soap.


By purchasing Udderlove products you are doing a small part to join the fight for animal rights. My milk is supplied from happy goats lounging on local farms and all other suppliers are vetted for compassionate and ethical practices. All Udderlove products are made in a cruelty-free environment and are tested only on my husband and friends with consent.

Custom Experience

Udderlove goes beyond your average homemade soap provider to give you the personalized experience of designing a batch of handmade soap exactly the way you want it. Make itemized selections and add special requests for a full batch of custom soap or contact me to have an individualized order prepared for you and your loved ones just the way you want it.

Sympathetic Soaper

Unlike commercially-operated “handmade” soap suppliers, Udderlove is owned and operated exclusively by me. Not only do I make every bar of soap myself but personally handle all inquiries and legitimately care about your experience with my products and process. Be sure to contact me with any concern, great or small, and I will work diligently to make it right.